Ramnode has 25% discount on select VPSs (Black Friday 2016)

reads in 5mn in normal speed, and 2mn if read fast.

Ramnode just released their Black Friday special with a 25% discount on select VPSs and location.

The following instances are subject to the above discount:

  • THE MOST HAVE New York City Standard SSD KVM (NYC SKVMS)
  • New York City Premium OpenVZ (NYC SVZ)
  • Los Angeles Standard SSD OpenVZ (LA SVZS)
  • Seattle Standard SSD OpenVZ (SEA SVZS)
  • Seattle Premium SSD OpenVZ (SEA SVZ)
  • Seattle Premium SSD KVM (SEA SKVM)

The stock is limited, so, you better hurry and secure your VPS right now.

All you need to do is use the following coupon BLACKFRIDAY25 during the checkout process.

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Is VPS worth the money?

Absolutely. For small servers, with up to 1Gb RAM and 2 cores CPU, the regular price is comparable to shared hosting.

You get your own reserved resources to use on your website. You get a CPU, an amount of RAM and Hard Drive (SSD). And you get to pick your operating system and configure your web server environment as you please.

Is Ramnode reliable?

Yes it does. Ramnode is a solid VPS provider.

I’ve been around a couple of years now and I own tens of instances and manages about triple of those for my customers.

The uptime is stunning. Some instances I own are running 2 years in a row with no issue so far.

For all fairness, an unlucky instance did shut down a couple of hours due to some networking issues if I recall well. But were back to track in no time thanks to a stellar support service.

How does Ramnode compare to others?

Before landing at Ramnode’s Safehaven, I tried many big shots of the industry. I transited by services like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr. None compares to Ramnode’s quality servers and fair pricing policy.

I’m not saying that the others are bad. It’s just they don’t match what Ramnode offers.

What I like most on Ramnode is the KVM virtualisation. It gives you a full control of your environment with a very affordable price. I will add the friendliness of the support service. I’ve asked them to add specific OSs for my personal use, and they were more than happy to make that happen.

The only downside for some users  at Ramnode is that they offer only unmanaged VPS service. To control your server through a dashboard, like you do on shared hosting services, for example, you need to pay an additional Cpanel license for $13 a month, or eventually install a free server admin panel like Webmin.

WARNING: Unmanaged VPSs are not meant for everyone

You are managing an operating system from the command line. You need to know exactly what you are doing.

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet to help you do the basics, like:

  • Setting up the operating system.
  • Partially securing it.
  • Setting the web server.
  • Uploading your first website.
  • Even optimize it in some cases.

But still, it is very recommended to have someone able to handle that for you.

Part of my service is setting up and optimizing VPS. Get in touch with me if you are interested.

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That's pretty much it!

Don’t miss this one per year special from a kick ass VPS service. And don’t forget to use the following coupon BLACKFRIDAY25 during the checkout process for NYC SKVMS, NYC SVZ, LA SVZS, SEA SVZS, SEA SVZ, SEA SKVM.