NameSilo registration and transfer discounts (Black Friday 2016)

NameSilo Black Friday
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Namesilo is my #1 domain registration platform.


There no zillion reasons why Namesilo is my first and only domain registrar:

  • Offers the cheapest price.
  • Rewards big domain buyers.
  • Offers privacy for FREE.

Forget diversification. Forget about false deals. Their prices are solid and permanent.

Cut the crap. Gimme the deal …

NameSilo is running two deals for this year’s Black Friday for .coms only.

.com new registrations get 22.2% discount

Yep. The regular .com price/year at NameSilo is $8.99. On Friday the 25th November, you can get it for $6.99.

You just need to use the following coupon during the checkout process: BLACKFRIDAY2016REG

It has a couple of limits, through:

  • $50 max discount. It means you can’t get more than 25 .coms domains or years equivalent per account.
  • You are allowed to use the coupon 5 times. This helps if you have any additional domains to register during the day.
  • 2000 total redemptions available.
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.com domain transfers get 10% discount

If you have a .com domain and feel like transferring to a more affordable domain registrar, it’s your chance to take the leap of faith!

The regular transfer fee is $8.39. During Black Friday, you can proceed for $7.55 per .com domain transfer.

Use the following coupon during your domain transfer checkout: BLACKFRIDAY2016TRANS

Transfers have the same limits. Except for the maximum cumulable discount which is $100 instead of $50. You can transfer around 100 .coms domains or years equivalent per account!.

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That's pretty much it!

NameSilo has already some stunning pricing and pretty good features. It will be a waste if you don’t get any of those discounts for your next project.