Mobirise Bundle for $87 instead of $233 (Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2016)

Mobirise Black Friday
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This is something that you don’t want to miss.

Mobirise just released their Black Friday offer, and it’s a steal.

What is Mobirise again?

Mobirise is the best static website builder out there.

The builder is free. But all the good things making it a kick ass static website maker are paid and for a hefty fee, I must say.

But you still can build a simplistic website using the free version.

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If you need more power and go to the next level of static websites building, you need a couple of extensions as follow:

  • Additional design blocks and elements available as themes or packs.
  • A Paypal integration to seamlessly sell items.
  • An advanced code editing features.

The whole pack costs $233 BUT for a very limited time, you can get them for less.

What’s the deal?

You get the whole good stuff for an aggressively 62% discounted price. Yes, it’s 62% OFF.

What’s on the kit?

BlockPack (reg. $39)

I was eying this for a long time. This extension provides 60+ additional blocks you can add to your website building. I honestly believe it’s all you need to build a stunning website. Anything else is just additions that you can live without.

If I had to buy one thing for Mobirise, it would definitely be the BlockPack.

ColorM theme (reg. $29)

It’s a Mobirise Theme kit with 115+ blocks. This is not something that I was considering to get initially, but they just added 60+ elements a couple of days ago, and that makes the ColorM a solid alternative to the BlockPack.

SpaceM theme (reg. $19)

A clean and elegant theme. It’s not a match to the ColorM and the BlockPack, but, it’s a good addition to the lot.

Code Editor (reg. $69)

If you want to customize things beyond Mobirise’s themes capabilities, you really want to have this one. You can add and edit HTML, CSS, and JS codes easily.

At some point, you will need to add 3rd party scripts for example. The Code Editor is the only way to do it within Mobirise.

Paypal Shopping Cart (reg. $29)

A game changer if you need to sell something through Paypal.

Static websites aren’t considered the greatest e-commerce platform. But this module makes it an option if you happen to need it.

If you have a single, or a handful products, there is no need to build a fully fledged store for that. You can use a Paypal driven tiny shopping cart system.

A very simplistic approach: gets the items on a cart, and proceed with the checkout through Paypal. That’s it.

Icons (reg. $19)

Icons is a cool additional that will let you add icons on multiple parts of your statics website. The menu, buttons, icon boxes are few elements that can use icons to look better.

WOW Slider (reg. $29)

I’m not a big fan of sliders. I’m into static hero sections 🙂

Nevertheless, this extension helps tremendously to build high quality, modern, and responsive sliders in no time.

The total of all those plugins is $233. You have exactly until next Friday (25th November 2016) to get this must-have deal.

Mobirise Black Friday Kit 2016 (62% DISCOUNT)

That's pretty much it!

Mobirise is my favorite static websites building tool. Having the whole package for $87 is a real steal. Don’t this opportunity under any circumstance! THEY NEVER DO DISCOUNTS THROUGH THE YEAR. This is your one and only chance.