Guest blogging/posting web sites massive list (1355 unique entry)

Are looking for a curated list of guest blogging sites? Look no further, you’ve landed in the right place

I didn’t intend initially to share it… but when I saw people trying to sell similar lists, I told myself, why the heck I don’t do the same?

As part of my SEO and PR services, I periodically scrape the web to maintain an updated list of sites where I can land a guest post or a mention for my customer.

After years, this list hit the +1000 entry.

So, I promoted the thing and got a fair amount of sales. But I felt a bit bad about restricting access to a content that people that will most likely need it the most won’t be able to pay for it.

I decided to share a lighter version of the list with all entries for free, and keep a paid version for people needing more insight for a fair $5 price-tag.

For all fairness, I contacted whoever bought the initial list and proposed a refund. To my surprise, most of them didn’t mind paying for the full version and confessed that if they mined for the same thing, it will take them a lot of time and efforts and a good amount of money (some tools used to build some metrics on the full list need a $100 – $150 per month access).

Anyway, here I am, giving back to the community a bit

This is no +20 guest blogging sites list, or a 50, a hundred, or even a few hundreds of sites where you can land a guest blogging post. You get access to the whole thing, exactly, 1355 unique entry, and for FREE!

In a hope that it will help get the good folks on the bottom of the pyramid to get started

Who needs this list?

My list is a resource to make websites allowing, or friendly with, guest posting on your speed dial, so you can concentrate on what you do best:

  • Growing your posts folio (if you are an aspiring writer)
  • Building backlinks for SEO purposes (if you are an SEO specialist)
  • and working on your customers/company’s PR (if you are a PR specialist)

You can easily navigate through the list based on your writing level and your live posts folio (if you have any). There’s something for everyone, even for beginners.

Here is a quick insight of the list’s content based on barriers:

  • 12% (+160 site) have a low barrier, this might fit debutants well with no need to have verifiable references
  • 65% (+900) websites need some consistent writing skills, where some references might be necessary to land a guest post
  • Only 23% (+250) of the list is designed for serious writing skills with established and verifiable references (mandatory in this one)

Use case scenarios

Here are some use case scenarios you can do with my list:

  • If your sole interest is to build backlinks with no good writing skills, you can still benefit from the +160 with a very low acceptance barrier.
  • If you want to land a spot in a fancy magazine in the future, this list can help you build up your posts portfolio on more than +1150 sites.
  • If you are an established writer or a PR specialist, you can go for the finest 20 percentile (+230 sites) with the hardest barrier but also the best exposure and traffic potential.

Guest blogging friendly-sites list

The following is the full list of the 1355 entries as promised.

Due to the large amount of data, I resolved to make it a 10-rows and with no filtering.

You can navigate through the pages using the controls on the bottom right of the table.

Need a more useful list?

I have a more refined list with all the metrics you need to narrow your targets’ lists.

The list has:

  • Alexa Rank
  • MOZ Domain Authority
  • Ahrefs Rank and Domain Rank (new)
  • Opportunities indicator (outgoing broken links and dofollow links)
  • Barrier score (difficulty, writing level, and if a portfolio is needed or not)
  • I also mention “corruptible” websites where you can land paid-for guests posts

For the whole list.

A $5 donation is needed to grant you an access to it.

Donate $5

Please include a Google compatible account email in your request. A Gmail account or a G Suite account will work.

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