Divi adds a “frustration-free” feature of its live builder

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Good news for Divi’s live builder addicts! It just got way more productive to use 🙂

In case you lived in another world, Divi is a WordPress theme with a stellar Live Visual Builder. You create your website as you will see it in real life. For me, it has no equal in the WP industry, and it tops any other live builder.

The problem

When you build anything in your browser, you are prone to faulty saves. I’m pretty sure that happened at least tens, if not zillions, of times, especially when using WordPress.

So, we either:

  • Play it paranoid, and save the tiniest change we do while designing a page. With each save you need to wait until the page refreshed and wish you don’t lose your mojo/ideas in the process.
  • Gamble and take risks, by distancing saves and hope the whole damn thing doesn’t crash and burn. Yeah, this can be devastating in some cases…

The thing is, we lose on both scenarios… would it be time or efficiency? Your pick, but it’s still a loss.

But things are about to change with the new Divi release 3.0.35 and up.

Which Divi builder was upgraded?

Well, the Divi builder is available as a plugin or as part of the Divi theme. The difference to date is whether or not the live builder is enabled (it is not on the plugin version of the builder).

All the new features target the live builder. At first, though, the plugin version won’t get any love!

But when I was hanging out on Elegant Themes’ Divi’s upgrade announcement, I spotted one comment from Nick Roach (CEO of Elegant Themes) hinting that the Divi Builder Plugin will finally have the Live Builder enabled!

Isn’t this great news?

Divi Builder plugin live builder

If you can’t realised how good it it will be, having the live builder enabled on the plugin means:

  • You can now use Divi Builder’s most interesting feature on pretty much any theme!
  • The safety will probably be included too!

It’s like taking Divi’s awesomeness to another theme!

The new Divi frustration-free features


 The Visual Builder now keeps auto-saves of your work automatically while you are designing your page. These backups are saved to your database just in case you forget to save or something prevents you from saving.

This thing is a life saver! We are always prone to bugs for whatever reason you can imagine, and it usually happens on the worst timing possible. Having several automated backups saving your layout is just your website creation life-insurance 🙂 You won’t have to get back to square one anymore 😉

Browser Backups

In addition to auto-saves, backups of your work are stored in your browser. This provides a second layer of defense in the event that your website goes down or there is an internet issue preventing you from connecting with your server.

Another live editing enemy goes down: unsuccessful connexion. Your WP site is hosted on a web server, and you reach it using an Internet connexion. You won’t be able to save your edits when:

  • Your hosting server is down
  • Your computer is not connected to the Internet for some reason

If you hit the save button on the above circumstances… well, you know the drill. YOU ARE SCREWED.

But not with this new feature. You will keep storing your edits on your web browser! And ship the new updates to the server when you restore your Internet connexion or your server goes live. In real world, when you refresh your page, you will be prompted that a save was detected on your browser, and it will ask you if you want to restore it.

Failed Save Detection

If everything goes wrong and you just can’t save, the Visual Builder will give you a warning. It monitors manual saves and lets you know if something fails, giving you the option to download a backup of your page so that you can restore it at a later date once your issues have been resolved.

Another safety net to help you resume your work frustration-free. First thing, you know if something’s not right in your environment, and you get a warning about it. Second thing, you can have a backup file saved on your computer, and ready to be used when things go back to normal. It’s perfect for people who need to see materials things to be reassured 🙂 Downloading a backup helps.

This is as far as the new frustration-free measures go on the new Divi update.

There is one cool new feature worth mentioning, but it’s not related to the subject of this post: the Divi Builder Sync.

On some cases, you need to edit the backend and the frontend at the same time. This new feature allows to sync both interface’s content without having to save, refresh/switch back and forth to see the new edits appearing.

I will leave you with the video presentation of these features, with the words and explanation of the man behind Divi, Nick Roach:

That's pretty much it!

Divi is taking its time to grow, but It’s taking the right path to glory.

Their focus on the building was founded. I started to have some doubts first about the motive and their ultimate goal, but I’m starting to understand their roadmap.

Right now, Divi is simple the best visual builder in the industry, UX, features, and the now officially part of it, the frustration free editing.

Get Divi NOW for $89!